Customise Employee Well-being Recommendations


At Kaizen Health we empower organisations to improve their employee’s workplace well-being by benchmarking and measuring their mental and physical health metrics to produce recommendations to improve wellness, productivity and financial performance.


Build a better world by helping organisations better care for all their employee’s mental and physical health needs to improve their well-being and fulfil their potential.


To drive the global movement of organisations that believe employee well-being is the starting point for business success pushing the world forward to improve wellness and productivity in the workplace.


The Kaizen Health platform is a one-stop AI-driven platform to benchmark and measure the mental and physical health of employees across teams, departments and locations using a simple health rating system, the Kaizen Health Index. The portal utilises mental and physical health data to recommend benefits and wellness programmes for organisations to implement and for employees to improve their well-being. Changes in mental and physical health are tracked using the Kaizen Health Index and can be aligned with business KPIs to track progress and measure ROI.