At Kaizen Health, we pride ourselves on being able to offer nutrition and exercise assessments and provide bespoke plans tailored to our clients’ needs. One of our main areas of focus is looking after the fitness and general health of our female population. We strongly believe that Women’s health is a separate area of interest and should, therefore, be treated with the attention and emphasis it demands and deserves.

Exercise and Nutrition affect a Woman’s Health and can, therefore, influence all aspects of female wellbeing: the menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy, the period after pregnancy, menopause and the period following the onset of menopause. Ensuring optimal fitness and healthy eating will likely result in a normalisation of the above processes.

At Kaizen Health, we feel strongly that these two aspects of care, i.e. Exercise & Nutrition AND Women’s Health, should be managed simultaneously. Together with our partners at PreFer Gynaecology, we offer a truly multidisciplinary approach to the management of gynaecological problems, with leading gynaecology and fertility experts offering cutting-edge treatment to ensure your every need is met.

PreFer Gynaecology is a newly opened London Centre for Fertility Preservation, Oncofertility and Gynaecological Surgery, situated in the prestigious Harley Street, Marylebone. Its goal is to apply a multifaceted attitude to treat gynaecological disease and in the process, spare, preserve or restore fertility using surgical and fertility techniques.

As PreFer Gynaecology is run by gynaecologists, they will be able to see you for any gynaecological or fertility issue that is important to you. If you are interested in a referral or would like to see what is on offer, please contact Kaizen Health Screening for more details.

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