What is a Kaizen Health Event?

Kaizen Health offers onsite wellness events  measuring both mental and physical health consisting of mental health questionnaires, anthropometry, cardiovascular, blood and fitness components. Using our unique portal, results are made immediately available with instantaneously devised fitness and nutrition plans. The events are fun and engaging with healthy food options offered on the day with massages and other engaging activities. 

Where do the wellness events take place?

The wellness events will take place at a location of your choosing. Kaizen Health uses an a transportable health station to perform all health assessments and workshops.

Why are Kaizen Health events so much better value than just health MOTs and other services?

We have developed a cost-effective and efficient way of providing wellness services. Our services are fun and engaging and do not involve a clinic visit like the more traditional health assessments. Results are presented via our portal, which enables us to keep our costs low at a comparable service. The results are instant and are anonymised to produce a business health report.

Why health assessments form an important part of our wellness services for employees?

Research now clearly shows that well-constructed wellness programmes not only improve the health of employees but they also improve company profile, attract and retain talent and boost employee morale. 

Can I claim the cost of a Kaizen health assessment under my medical insurance policy?

Possibly. This will be dependent on your policy. You will need to speak to your provider to find out.

Why does it make sense financially?

Employers can fund one tax and NIC-free exempt health screening assessment per year per employee which makes it a great non-taxable benefit to add to staff packages. Deliver these via salary sacrifice and you will gain an additional advantage by tax savings.

Can I book a health assessment at my home?

We currently do not offer a home assessment service.

How is my blood sample collected?

All blood samples are collected using a finger-stick blood collection method.

Can I have my health assessment even if I am sick or pregnant?

It is not recommended to participate in a Kaizen Health assessment when feeling unwell. This will have consequences on the results obtained and the subsequent solutions provided. Unwell individuals are advised to rebook their health assessment on another day. Pregnant females are encouraged to participate in a Kaizen Health assessment and will be taken through a specific pregnancy health assessment and offered specific guidance on exercise and diet.

Your Results

When will my results be ready?

Your results are instantly available on completion of your health assessment. All you will be required to do is log in to the Kaizen Health portal with your designated username and password and you will have access to your health results

What will my results look like?

Your results will be displayed in an easy to follow health report. We have gone to great lengths to provide a health report that is simple, descriptive and user friendly.

How do I get my results?

All you will be required to do is log in to the Kaizen Health portal with your designated username and password and you will have access to your health report, nutrition and exercise plans.

Can I speak to someone about my results?

Your results can only be viewed by yourself and Kaizen Health qualified staff. If you wish to speak to your employer, GP, friends, or family this will be at your discretion. Kaizen Health staff will always be available to answer your queries. 

Do I need to make an appointment to see my GP when I get my results?

Not necessarily. However, any abnormal results will be flagged on your health report and appropriate guidance issued which may include a recommendation to visit a GP.

Can I take my results to my local GP?

Yes! Kaizen Health provides an extremely easy to follow health report that is also available via PDF print off.

What do I do after getting my results?

Personalised nutrition and exercise plans will be constructed and attached to your health report immediately on completion of your health assessment. 

Are my results a substitute for seeing my doctor?

No. Kaizen Health does not provide a diagnostic service. Under no circumstances can a Kaizen Health assessment be a substitute for seeing your doctor.

Your account and personal information

How secure is my information?

As our business deals with sensitive personal data, we have worked to secure this information using the latest available tools. Any personal data that can be used to identify a specific individual will not be disclosed. Individual personal data will only be presented to the individual and not the employer or any other party. The entire data will be anonymised as part of a larger collection of results and will be used as part of the employer business review.

Where is my information stored?

All our data is stored on secure servers.

Is my information shared with anyone else?

No. Employees must give their consent for their data to be anonymised and then shared on a company health report.

The Health Assessments

What blood tests are used as part of my health assessment?

We test for diabetes, full lipid profile which includes total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, non-HDL cholesterol, total triglycerides and COVID-19 antibody testing.

Do you perform COVID-19 testing?

Kaizen Health currently offers the latest government-approved rapid antibody test for COVID-19, which can be added to your health assessment or purchased separately. 

Do you test for diabetes?