Kaizen Health is unique as we sit at the intersection of medicine, exercise, nutrition and technology to provide the most advanced workplace wellbeing services. We offer:

On-site service delivery

Comprehensive health screening in the comfort of your own office. No need to travel!

Tailor-Made, Expert-Led Plans

Exercise and nutrition plans that will help you take action based on your results.

Individual Health Report Analysis

Your results summarised in a simple format for you to understand and track your progress.

Report Review and Benchmarking

Business summary health screening report, helping your business become healthier, fitter and more productive.

Direct, Prompt and Hassle-Free

Working directly with your business and building a personal relationship.

Industry Leading Collaborations

Working with other world-class companies to deliver cutting-edge services.

Immaculate, Clinical Governance

Continuously improving the healthcare of your workforce.

Non-Taxable Service

Health screening is a non-taxable benefit for your employees