Your Wellness Journey Starts Here

The Kaizen Health Insight research is key to empowering your employees giving them ownership over what health services are provided to them boosting engagement and morale. We believe it is essential to first find out what your employees need and get them engaged before we offer any solutions or engage in any services. The insights will provide you with valuable information and the data needed for a more considered approach to what you should offer your employees so that you implement the relevant workplace wellbeing strategy.

Easy To Implement

The Kaizen Health Insight research is extremely easy to implement and is complimentary with Kaizen Health making the initial investment. With your sponsorship we will provide all the required information to run the research with your employees safely and securely. We are conscious that time is valuable, so we have kept the process simple and time efficient only requiring two minutes from each of your employees helping us gather sufficient information to tailor the journey.

Insightful Results

The data and results we collect will be presented back to you in a report that highlights key data, trends and recommendations based on the key findings. This will help you choose the healthcare benefits relevant to your employees circumstances and needs if you choose to do so. There is no obligation to follow up and the report can be used internally.

Download Sample Report

Kaizen Health Insight Report

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