We believe all employees have an inner potential. A potential to perform at their highest level. We believe this potential can be harnessed by businesses that understand their mental and physical health needs. At Kaizen Health we will help you understand the health of your business in a way never done before so you can take care of your employees so they feel their best and deliver their full potential.


The Kaizen Health platform is a digital health web-based portal and mobile app to benchmark and measure the health of employees across teams, departments and locations on an ongoing basis. The software combines mental and physical health metrics for a holistic view of wellbeing and will present you with data in real-time using an intuitive reporting dashboard with intervention recommendations.

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Kaizen Health uses an AI-driven platform to provide your organisation with the knowledge to identify health trends and proactively make corrections and informed health investments that ensure ROI. 

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The Kaizen Health Index Rating will help your organisation benchmark your employee’s overall health from a 28-marker test focused on lifestyle, physical health, mental health, and behaviour analysis. Similar to a credit score, the Kaizen Health Index Rating is a numerical expression based on a level analysis of employees’ aggregated health data metrics scores to represent the overall health of your organisation. Yoy can now benchmark the health of employees across teams, departments and locations like never before.

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